Chidren & Kids Photo

Chidren & Kids Photo

Wow! What a long Saturday; guess what? Half of my day spent running around getting them breakfast, then ballet class, lunch (for only them), and music practice immediately thereafter. Whew! I finally had my lunch with my leftover from home at around 3:30pm. Geez, talk about hungry… I ate like a pig if not more… lol…

Finally, I got my studio lights setup, got the kids ready and boom boom boom…shots after shots and here they come. I post processed using software called “Phase1″, and added the water mark in “Photoshop” and wah-lah, like magic the washed color, tonal, and the saturation, just too pleasing to the eyes. I am sure you would agree here with me here!

Since the holidays continue approaching closer; our wish for you and your family a wonderful holidays season filled with lots of joy, love, laughter, health, and peace!

Sonny & family



Once a year, I’d like to create some portraits for my family for keepsake and also to use them to make Holiday’s cards to send to family and loved ones.

Today, after a long weekend being away to celebrated my brother in-law’s wedding; we finally made it home, to my surprise Kim my wife suggested that we take our family photos. With such a short notice, I quickly got her makeup and hair done, and setup my studio lights and did a real quick photo session. I decided this year I am going to turn all the photos in Black & White, since I haven’t done this in a long time, plus black & white photos has always been my favorite color. It’s simple, elegant, classic, and just never gets old.

As the year end approaches, I highly recommend you to take some time out, and search around for a good family portraits photographer and book your photo session as early as possible due to the Holiday rush season. Family portraits to me is something that will give you the memories you will share & treasure for generations to come. We hope you having a fun & successful family portraits session when it happen, because we had so much fun having ours created.

If you have any questions regarding photography and videography services, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more details. I can be reached at 210-279-6731. Below are some of our favorites. Enjoy!

Thank you!
Sonny & family.

Winning 1st Place

Winning 1st Place

This past Saturday, I was competing in one of the local photo tournaments here in my San Antonio City. It was an amazing experience, the organizers, the sponsors, and the volunteers, and of course the yummy lunch provided by one of the sponsors. Thank you Jim Landers, of Landers Photography School. You & your team are the best. Here is my winning image, enjoy and leave me a comment or two.
Winner: 1st place
Category: Luxury
Location: The Dominion Country Club (San Antonio, TX.)
#SAphoto #SAphototournament
Special thanks: Jim Landers and all our Sponsors. See you again in the future.

Mai’s Portraits

Mai's Portraits

It was my privilege to meet this beautiful young Vietnamese lady named Mai at KB’s Nails Salon in Bee Cave, TX. Mai was kind, soft spoken, and super friendly with her beautiful smile. I have learned that Mai is a med student and she’s currently interns at the University in the Austin area. Here are a photo I took of Mai after she received a “Motives” custom blend makeovers by one of my business partners also named Mai. I guess yesterday was “Mais” day! :-)



Whether it’s a family reunion, a birthday party, anniversary celebration…etc… Without someone to be there to capture all the special moments would be the biggest mistake ones can ever make. Don’t ever let that happen to you.
This past Sunday, I was honored to be part of an amazing live event. Husband, children, grand children all gathered to celebrate her 80th birthday.
Here is the photo of the whole family. My question to you is, when was the last time you and your family pull together an unforgettable live event that was captured on camera?

Rings shot!

Ring shot!

I love shooting still life, simply because I have the total control and can take as many shots as I need and as long as I want. I remember back in the day when I was in college taking photography classes with old beat up manual film camera. I would spent an entire day in the dark room trying to develop those under or over exposed film rolls to no ends. Looking back I am so grateful to be able to learn the entire basic fundamental about photography and what it takes to become a great photographer.

Recently, I was playing with the light and came up with this idea as you can see in the photo here. I took our wedding rings and formed them in the middle of a Motives’ magazine and directed a table lamb to create a shadow that forms a heart shape. After a few try to get the right exposure, I have some great results and was very pleased how the photos turned out.

It’s so much easy and convenient today with digital cameras and the instant result, unlike those old days where you have to go through so much trouble and time to get the correct exposure on such a simple task, although I do miss those film days. I had a fantasy of one day in the future I will be able to put my awesome filmed cameras back to work just to relive for a moment of those old days.

What about you? Do you have a story to share with me about your past or current experiences with film cameras?


Sonny Nguyen

Senior Portrait

Senior Portrait

This beautiful image of Estefany was created by me with the below setting.

Camera: Canon 30D
Lens: Canon 50mm F 1.8
ISO: 200
Aperture : 1.8
Speed: 250
Flash: Canon 580ex

-Details: This image was captured RAW and converted into JPEG using capture one. Then converted into sepia/colorize in photoshop.

- To setup a photo session, please contact me via telephone at 210.279.6731
- Your comments, questions are welcome!

- More photos can be viewed here



At Sonny Photo & Video, we offers 1 blue ray, and 2 high definition DVDs along with beautiful custom design DVD covers to any wedding and/or special events videography. Due to a high volume of assignments, we suggest you booking your special event at least 6-12 months in advance. Thank you and good luck!


My brother just got his first ever Canon DSLR through my online website and get $43.00 Cashback through our free cashback program. Here is a photo he took earlier today in my backyard. Do you think he gets what it takes to be a photographer? Image



Beside fashion, senior, family portrait, and special events; Sonny photo & video is specialize in bridal portrait and wedding photography year round. We offer both inside studio as well as on location photography. We have wedding packages that comes with hair, and makeup. We use nothing but exclusive red carpet high products. We have special deal on destination weddings. Just ask us, you will be glad you call: 210.279.6731 and ask for Sonny. Thank you!


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