1390819_10201002805695540_17010765_oThese before & after photographs were captured with my iPhone shortly after I styled her hair and applied makeup for her using the customized makeup line “Motives” by Loren Ridinger. I used “Miami glow” a compacted powder, and applied directly over her makeup as finisher to add warm, and healthy looking complexion as seen. Needless to say, she was instantly felt in love with it. You can purchase one for yourself here!

Portrait Photograpy

Portrait Photograpy

One of the questions I got asked often is Sonny, what is your favorite subject to photograph?
Well, the question obviously sounds simple but, I always chuckle every time someone asks me. To be honest I like to shoot many different thing, be it a bridal, special events, family portrait, or weddings, I love it all. But if I have to pick one, then that must be personal portrait. Truth is, I love shooting people the most why? Because I work best one on one. I can help break the ice very easily. One of the most challenges when shooting an individual is to be able to connect with that person through your lens. I learned to make my subject feels at ease from the beginning to the end of a photo session. I guess because I had a background in hair designs and makeup for so many years, maybe somehow it helps me to easily establish that level of comfortless with anyone I come in contact with.
Due to my very high demanding schedules, I accept assignments in advance and by appointment only. If you interest in having a portrait session, I encourage you to contact me today!
Sonny Nguyen
executive photographer

New Soho Frames

New Soho Frames

Soho Frames are the premier way to display images.

Our new ultra-thick frames are available in Black, White, Maple and Espresso. Select from glass, non-glare glass or no glass to match whatever style you desire. Add that extra touch to your images with your choice of a 2” white or black window mat.

We can take your bottom line farther by offering framed Prints to our clients. We will drop-ship your order directly to you so you can save on additional shipping and framing costs.

Impress your family & friends with the best quality and turnaround in the industry.

Product Details:

Available in over 21 sizes.
Offered in Black, White, Maple and Espresso.
Choose from no glass, clear glass or non-glare glass.
Optional black or white Mat in 2 inch width.
Available for E-Surface, Fuji Pearl, True Black & White, Fine Art Paper and Fine Art Canvas.
Frames are 2 inches deep.
3-5 day turnaround time
Please contact us for more details 210.279.6731

Chidren & Kids Photo

Chidren & Kids Photo

Wow! What a long Saturday; guess what? Half of my day spent running around getting them breakfast, then ballet class, lunch (for only them), and music practice immediately thereafter. Whew! I finally had my lunch with my leftover from home at around 3:30pm. Geez, talk about hungry… I ate like a pig if not more… lol…

Finally, I got my studio lights setup, got the kids ready and boom boom boom…shots after shots and here they come. I post processed using software called “Phase1″, and added the water mark in “Photoshop” and wah-lah, like magic the washed color, tonal, and the saturation, just too pleasing to the eyes. I am sure you would agree here with me here!

Since the holidays continue approaching closer; our wish for you and your family a wonderful holidays season filled with lots of joy, love, laughter, health, and peace!

Sonny & family


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